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Line Maze Solver Under Chandigarh University Tech Fest TECH INVENT 2019


Teams have to build an autonomous robot which can follow a black line and keep track of directions while going through the maze. The bot has to analyze the path in the dry run and has to go through the maze from the starting point to the ending point in minimum possible time in the actual run.


  • The arena is composed of random paths made up of black Vinyl strips on white background.
  • The surface will be non- glossy to avoid any interference with sensor
  • The distance between any two intersections will be multiple of 400mm.
  • The Angle between two adjacent black lines in the path is 90°.
  • The width of all black stripes will be 30mm.
  • The arena will consist of two white cubes of dimensions 100*100*100mm.
  • The yellow circles in the given image are check points and are for reference purpose only the actual arena will not contain any yellow circles
  • The figure below shows the sample arena. The actual arena at the competition will consist of alterations in the path.
  • A black box of 200 mm x 200 mm is present at the end zone of the arena to indicate the end position.
  • The arena will be may in such a way that both left and right hand following will traverse same distance.
  • Note: The dimensions of the arena will be accurate to within 10%.

  • Robot Specifications

  • The autonomous bot must fit into the box of dimension 220 mm X 220 mm X 220 mm (lxbxh).
  • Bot must be started individually by only one push button. However, a team may have an onboard switch for the restart. This switch has to be shown to the organizer before the run.
  • Bot must have a red LED which will blink repeatedly once it reaches the end zone of the arena. The onboard led on the microcontroller board will be considered.
  • During the run, the autonomous bot must not damage the arena in any way. It is not allowed to leave anything behind or make any marks while traversing the arena. Any bot found damaging the arena will be immediately disqualified. The final decision is at the discretion of the organizers.
  • Bot must have ‘on board’ power supply.
  • When using the electric power supply, the potential difference between any 2 points must not exceed 24 V at any point of time during the game.
  • The autonomous bot should not separate or split into two or more units. All bots/units which are touching each other or are in the starting point will be considered as one bot.
  • The Machine cannot be constructed using readymade ‘Lego kits’ or any readymade mechanism. But they can make use of readymade gear assemblies. Violating this clause will lead to disqualification of the team.

  • Event Rules

  • Only one autonomous bot per team is allowed.
  • Only 1 member of the team is allowed to handle the bot.
  • Participants will be provided with a sample arena to practice before the competition.
  • The surface of the practice arena will be similar to that of actual arena.
  • At exactly 1400hrs(2pm) on the competition day the participants will be asked to submit their respective bots.
  • Any team failing to submit their bots will be disqualified and no requests will be entertained.
  • The competition will start as soon as the teams submit their bots.
  • If any team is found to alter its code after depositing its bots, then it will be immediately disqualified from the competition.
  • Participants are not allowed to keep anything inside the arena other than the bot.
  • The time measured by the organizers will be final and will be used for scoring the teams.
  • Time measured by any contestant by any other means is not acceptable for scoring.
  • When the autonomous bot starts, no team member is allowed to touch the bot or enter the arena.
  • At the start of the task, the bot will be placed at the starting point. Only 1 team member is allowed to be near the game field while starting the bot.
  • Run will start only when organizers give the signal.
  • The starting procedure of the bot should be must start with pressing a push button and should not involve giving bot any manual force or impulse in any direction.
  • A total of five minutes will be given for the bot to finish the dry run and another five minutes to complete actual run.
  • the bots may be tested for hard coding prior to any run.
  • Laptops/personal computers are not allowed near the arena. Other Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. devices must be switched off. The organizers hold the right to check for these devices and their usage and disqualify the team.
  • In case of any disputes / discrepancies, the organizers’ decision will be final and binding.
  • The organizers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit. Change in rules, if any will be highlighted on the website and notified to the registered teams.

  • Gameplay

      The gameplay consists of two parts: -
  • The first part is the “Dry Run”. In this run, the bot must start from the ‘Start’ and find its way to reach the ‘End’ (black box Indicated in figure 1) of the arena. The bot has to give a signal by blinking a LED as soon as it senses the end box below it at the end. The bot has to follow an algorithm to find its path to reach ‘End’ and bot can store the turns in its memory to explore the shortest path during the second part of the journey. There are no restrictions to cover all the checkpoints.
  • The bot has to make a U-turn and follow a different path if the white block is kept in front of it in the path. The bot must not touch the white block.
  • The second part is the “Actual Run”. In this run, the bot has to restart from the ‘Start’ again and finds its way to the ‘End’ through the best possible path by following the path that was stored in the first run. The ‘End Zone’ has a black box of 200mm x 200mm (lxb) that indicates the end of the path for the bot. The timer will be set to zero as the “Actual Run” begins.
  • During the actual run the bot must be started with the help of a push button.
  • A total of 3 minutes will be provided to complete the dry run.
  • A total of 2 minutes and 30 seconds will be provided to complete the actual run.
  • If the bot takes more than 3 minutes for completing the dry run, then the extra time taken will be deducted from the timing of the actual run which is 2 minutes and 30 Seconds.

  • Restarts:
  • The participants are allowed to take a maximum of 5 restarts in the entire match.
  • The start point will be a checkpoint in itself.
  • If the bot takes a restart in the first part of the competition, it has to start from the checkpoint.
  • If the bot takes a restart in the second part of the competition, it has to start from the start zone of the arena.
  • The timer will not be set back to zero and will not be paused in any case.
  • During a restart, a contestant must not feed information about the arena to the bot.
  • The contestant must not alter the bot in any manner that reduces its weight (e.g. removal of a bulky sensor array or switching to lighter batteries to get better speed). The organizers reserve the right to arbitrate in such circumstances.

  • Bonus points: -

    Supposing a team has finished its dry run successfully and has reached the end point.50 bonus points will be awarded if their bot will trace its way back from the end point to the start point without any human intervention following the shortest path.

    Judging Criteria
  • 25 points will be awarded as it crosses any of the checkpoints but it will be counted only once for each checkpoint.
  • 20 points will be awarded as it takes a U-turn avoiding white block but points for avoiding block will be counted only once per block.
  • 50 points will be provided if the bot successfully completes the Dry Run.
  • 100 points will be awarded if bot goes through the Shortest Path in Actual Run.
  • 10 points will be awarded if the bot glows the LED.
  • 10 points for using a push button to start the bot.
  • 50 points if the bonus task is completed.

  • Scoring:
  • A = 25 points * (Number of checkpoints covered during the Dry Run)
  • B = 20 points * (Number of blocks it avoids by taking a U-turn without touching)
  • C = 50 points if the bot successfully completes the Dry Run
  • D = 180 - Total time taken in seconds in completing the Dry Run
  • S = 100 Points if Bot successfully completes through the Shortest Path
  • T = 150 - Total time taken to complete the Actual Run (only if the bot completes in Shortest Path)
  • L = 10 points if the LED glows
  • F= 10 points if the bot is started with a push button
  • O = bonus task is completed
  • P = Penalties
  • Total = (A + B + C + D + S + L + T + F + O) - P

  • Student Coordinator Details

  • Name- Jyotishman Bharali
    1. Ph. No.- 7087349574
      Email -

  • Name- Teekeshwar Sinha
    1. Ph. No. - 7837112533
      Email -